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the world!

Connect and communicate globally with our powerful, personalized high-performance chat platforms!

Next level chat platforms

MediaBlue International is an online marketing company which builds personalized chat platforms. With motivated, ambitious and engaged colleagues – of national and international backgrounds – we operate in more than 30 countries. Headquarters: a spacious office in The Hague.

Teamwork makes the dream work

With firm roots in Europe and Oceania, and currently on the way to North America. We achieve this with a dedicated group of professionals working within the following teams:

Afdeling Techniek

Our technical team consists of C#/.Net and PHP developers, system- and network administrators. Together we build and maintain our applications. They work with the newest technologies, a variety of techniques and keep in touch with the newest technological developments to understand the latest technological developments. Why? Because for every problem there is a solution.

Our platforms are based on a successful, innovative product team. With a sharp eye for market trends, and a deep understanding of customer wants and needs, our product managers meticulously define their product roadmap, prioritize features, and guide the development process. To create a seamless flow from ideation to launch.

Afdeling Productmanagement
Product Management
Afdeling Marketing

To perfect the promotion of our products and services, is where our marketeers work day in and day out. This begins with the formulation of targets in different countries, products genres and marketing disciplines. Through data and target audiences they are capable of engaging with users across a range of countries and making successful campaigns.

How do we ensure that customers are captivated by our websites? How do we ensure optimal user-friendliness? Our designers are constantly tackling these challenges. They look beyond just the website or landing page and engage with audience insights. The design and interaction must seamlessly align across devices and, of course, resonate with the right target audience.

Afdeling Design
Afdeling Customer Support
Customer Support

Lots of products, lots of questions! Every day, our customers ask hundreds of diverse questions about our products. Whether it's inquiries about payments, how the sites work, or their accounts, our customer service is available day and night to answer them and deliver the best possible experience.