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MediaBlue gladly offers more than a competitive salary. Browse through our employment terms and discover the extra benefit.

Remote work policy

Mediablue offers you – if you wish – the flexibility to work a portion of your week from home. You can have increased flexibility of your work schedule and adjust according to your personal preferences. Would you prefer to work from the office? No problem, we are always welcome!


Aging without worries is something important to us. We therefore offer a good pension scheme, and So-called defined contribution scheme. We cover the premiums for this. If you wish, you can save extra for your pension with tax benefits.

Extra reimbursement

Everyone that works at MediaBlue can request reimbursement of internet- and phone costs and there is a possibility to spend it freely. Additionally, there is remote work compensation possible for the days you work from home.

Vacation Days

With a full-time contract (40 hours) you will receive 25 vacation days per year. This is 5 full weeks which you can use, when you want!

Training budget

We find personal development an important part of your career. Each year we develop a personal growth plan where a budget will be made available to support your personal development.

After work drinks and more

Following the motto ‘Work hard, play harder’ we host a yearly party, filled with exciting activities. There are also games nights and a traditional “Konigingsnacht borrel”. Grab a drink from our stocked fridge and kick off your weekend with your team. Plenty of fun you wouldn’t want to miss!

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